According to Time out Sydney, we are the perfect Darling Harbour date night! According to our clients, we are a creative and innovative date designers. According to us, we're just two hopeless romantics who love to explore unique experiences and creating memorable moments.

What started as our way of being adventurous, and creating new and exciting memories together, ended up being a passion that allowed us to share our creativity and the need to bring people closer together through fun and exciting experiences. 

It's that puppy love feeling, it's the feeling you get when you first see your food in the restaurant, it's that 90's r&b love song, it's that Disney fairy tale moment, it's the fireworks and the butterflies that Bow & Arrow aims for. Whether it's with a spouse, your siblings, your friends, your parents or even your lover, we believe that moments like these are hard to find, but with our help, we love to create them for you. 

So sit back, relax and allow us to bring you the butterflies and the whole damn zoo. 

Love, Ruby & Josh

aka. Bow & Arrow